The easiest entry into IT

Profession Frontend Developer for 6 months
Get your profession and start a career in IT industry! If you are just an amataur who’s willing to get professional knowledge, do a lot of practice and receive a certificate, you’re in the right place! Here’s you’ll find even more!

We work with top IT specialists who have a talent to share their knowledge and give professional advices to students. All of them work in IT industry and know about the latest tendencies in this sphere.

We stand for the full development of skills, that’s why we work on both hard and soft skills, which are equally important. Here you will have the opportunity to become a comprehensively competent specialist.
In the educational process you’ll do many practical work and will be able to form your own portfolio, which can be used in your future work. We guarantee your final works will be on the highest level!
After completing your education you will be able to start your career in any IT sphere you select. We are able to provide our best students with good recommendations to a respected companies.

You have minor skills, but aiming to know more? You know where to move, but need some impetus for your progress? Well, here you will be able to get a great start of your career and develop your professional skills.

If you are a professional IT expert who wants to improve your skills and learn something new, you are welcome to pump your skills and become even more experienced Pro! Select the best program for you and start studding!

You’ll learn the basics of HTML and CSS, build your first website, and then review some of the current HTML5 and CSS3 best practices.

Learn Javascript language allowing you to add interactivity to websites. It can be used to create interactive effects on web pages.

Scrum training and certification fulfill the vision of the Agile manifesto by fostering greater collaboration, and success among team members.
Upgrade your soft skills and get new knowledge in programming to become a valued expert on IT industry at ease!
Want to learn more about careers in IT and about entire industry? We’ll answer all your questions and guide you through!

IT courses can help you turn your love of all things geek, and passion for a particular industry, into a brilliant career as a programmer, network professional, technical support, security specialist and more.


Each course of the program comprises:

Equip yourself with the core principles and processes required for successful agile projects.
Here you have unique opportunity to improve Technical English language skills.
Discover the best chance to get ultimate career skills in IT industry and become a Pro!

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Learn the basics from the theoretical classes and get on the next level!
Practical cases will give you great opportunity to train your skills and start forming your portfolio.
On this stage you’ll learn more complex cases and will study how to find solutions for them.
We will provide you with loads of useful materials and extra knowledge in IT.

You are able to select the most suitable way of educational process.

Our Career experts will provide personalized feedback to help you perfect your resume, refine your LinkedIn and GitHub profiles, and optimize your personal brand, to help ensure you meet your career objectives.

You will join a dynamic community of learners who are committed to an intensive and productive 6-month learning experience.
You are ready for this Frontend program if you have access to a computer with a broadband connection and can install a code/text editor.

Pay for the course monthly or in full (with a 5% discount), payment by installments is possible

2 times a week, on Thursdays from 19:30 to 21:30 and Saturdays from 11:00 to 13:00

The next group will start in October 2018

We pay attention to each course student. Therefore, the number of seats is limited